Car chase camera is a type of film coverage. It is a way of capturing cars in motion in the perspective of shaping the action for a film setting. It is also defined as, “Tracking the action.”

Car chase scenes create excitement and tension among viewers and sometimes adopt inspiration from a car chase scene, especially to car enthusiasts. That is why 46 of 50 people find The Fast and The Furious to be impressive in terms of production and stunts.

But for Filipino people, including car enthusiasts, feel the lack of car actions applied to film in the Philippines. Before, Fernando Poe Jr. and Robin Padilla were related on several car chases to their action movies. Now, 43 of 50 random people say that the most mainstream film that they watched falls in the genre of Romance and Comedy. The 43 people find the context of the Romance genre in the Philippines to be predictable and repetitive.

The 50 people responded to watching other genres than the most mentioned, 70% of the most interested chosedn by the respondents are the Action genre, the second was Adventure which had 63.6%. Car chase scenes fall in the genre of Action. When asked if the respondents would be willing to watch a Philippine-made car action movie, 38 out of 50 people said yes. This might be a space of opportunity to fill out for the starting film makers.

70% of starting film makers are willing to shoot a car chase scene if were given a chance to produce. 48.9% of the starting film makers find it also as a chance, an opportunity. But 64.5% of the starting film makers find the production process of a car chase scene to be difficult. This puts them on a halt.

According to the survey, the starting film makers had less knowledge on how to film a set of a car chase scene. Finding usable roads also is a burden because of certain road conditions, especially when traffic hits. The number one reason is the lack of equipment to use. Allan Padelford of AP Cam Cars, California, mentioned that each of their equipment, including camera cars worth millions, when coverted to Philippine currency.

The production of a car chase scene is difficult, but there are ways to make it less a struggle even to most of the equipment. Improvising the whole process puts the whole production in simple matters, cheaply, and may not entirely reduce the effect of creating a good car chase scene. Video quality may be a common problem but the important bit is the excecution of shots and the story. This is why it is important to learn how to film and produce a car chase scene, because the least you want to see is a viewer getting bored. This can all be worked out by the simpliest and the most plausible ways. Welcome to Takbo, Kamera!